Suzy Levi

For over 25 years Suzy has been motivating and inspiring individuals to achieve their fitness and wellness goals. Suzy strongly believes in the quote from Joseph Pilates: “Change happens through movement and movement heals.” Exercise not only improves the physical body; but also improves emotional and social health. This is a concept that she brings to her clients every day.
Suzy is a Pilates and Fitness Trainer, Workshop Presenter, Fitness Instructor Educator, and a Motivational Speaker.
She is known for her contagious energy and enthusiasm for health and wellness. Suzy is also known for her love of fine food and movies, as she gives restaurant and movie reviews weekly. She lives in St. Paul, and enjoys spending time with her 4 children and her boyfriend Scot. Her Hobbies include running, biking, reading (especially historical fiction), attending historical tours and events, going to movies and plays, and discovering new restaurants and foods. When she grows up, she wants to complete an Iron Man Triathlon and climb Mount Kilamanjaro.