Dori Johnson


PaddleSculpt, paddleboard fitness classes and indoor rowing functional strength classes were created out of Dori’s passion for being on the water and staying fit. Several years of life guarding, swim instruction, competitive swimming, triathlon and rowing have kept Dori close to the water.
Most recently her enthusiasm for stand up paddleboarding has provided another way to enjoy fitness and fun around the water, and fulfills the need to be on a board if she can’t catch a wave here in Minnesota!  Dori has been competing in the sport of rowing for almost 20 years. While enjoying the competitive aspects of rowing, she loves the experience of a great workout and just going out for a leisurely paddle as well.  Often, between rowing practices, she enjoys grabbing her board and heading out for a paddle and appreciating nature and seeing things from a different perspective. During the fall and winter season, Dori teaches indoor rowing fitness classes and coaches CrossFit at Tangletown CrossFit. Dori loves the blend of the two sports and introducing people to a new experience. In her free time she enjoys traveling, camping, paddling, going to the beach and parks with her three kids and husband. Dori holds her B.S. Therapeutic Recreation, Oklahoma State University. Certifications include USRowing Level 2 Instructor, World Paddling Association Level 1 Instructor, PaddleFit Level 1 Instructor, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Adult & Child First Aid/CPR/AED