Brian Hartney believes strength is the most important aspect of both an individual's athletic performance, and their everyday movement. Through Paddlesculpt's Strength program, Brian coaches athletes to improve total body strength by focusing on barbell weightlifting. Brian is very passionate about training and coaching, and tremendously enjoys being part of fitness communities. Smiles, fist-bumps, and high-fives over everything!

Brian is a Level 1 Crossfit Trainer.


Mary Kaleta's athletic background is deeply rooted in both running and rowing.  Her running career consists of competitively running cross country and track throughout high school as well as running several half and full marathons, including the Boston Marathon, post-collegiately.  She coached high school cross country and track for two years in Richland, WA.


Kristina Casper met Dori Johnson down at the Minneapolis Rowing Club roughly four years ago when Dori began training rowing athletes to push their physical fitness outside of the rowing shells. Little did Kristina know that Dori would not only transform her into a stronger rower but a confident athlete, personal trainer and coach. Kristina is a firm believer in losing yourself in a hard workout, and that clarity can come through a good sweat.