High Intensity Training. 45 minute class with 10 minute warmup, 25-35 minute full body workout. Class structure can be expected to be constantly varied with movement using dumbbells, kettle bells, sandbells, jump ropes, conditioning ropes and bodyweight exercises. Challenging sweaty fun. All levels of fitness encouraged!


Running and walking stairs builds aerobic endurance, glute, hip and quad strength. This class will incorporate stair running, walking, jumping, skating and skipping with upper and lower body and core circuits. We will meet at the East Lake Nokomis Beach (aka Small Beach) at the corner of 50th and Lake Nokomis Pkwy and walk to the Nokomis stairs. Be prepared to have fun while getting an amazing workout. Please bring a yoga mat that you do not mind getting dirty. A few will be available. All levels of fitness encouraged to participate.


Join a RowSculpt class for a total body workout. Various interval and endurance circuit based workouts will use the rowing machine and functional fitness using equipment and body weight. Rowing builds both cardiovascular endurance and strength through repetitive resistance training. Be a part of a motivating team oriented environment while you boost your metabolism & strengthen your body! If a beginner to the rowing machine,  Row1 orientation is recommended. 1 hour class


Gaining strength with barbell lifts such as squats, presses, cleans and deadlifts. Strength circuit to follow barbell session. Expect workouts to be constantly varied.

ROW1 Orientation

By appointment, Row1 introduces those new to indoor rowing to the rowing machine and proper rowing technique.  If you have rowed, or used an indoor rowing machine before, orientation sessions may not take as long. Please allow 20-30 minutes for this complimentary session. Call Dori at 612-817-2600 to schedule a session.


Energetic indoor rowing workouts that are interval and endurance based. This is a great class to work your rowing technique and get an awesome workout! Row1 orientation is a prerequisite. 1 hour class


Inhale and exhale through a blend of connected poses that build strength and improve mobility. All levels of experience welcome!